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tied adj
1 bound or secured closely; "the guard was found trussed up with his arms and legs securely tied"; "a trussed chicken" [syn: trussed]
2 bound together by or as if by a strong rope; especially as by a bond of affection; "people tied by blood or marriage"
3 fastened with strings or cords; "a neatly tied bundle" [syn: fastened] [ant: untied]
4 closed with a lace; "snugly laced shoes" [syn: laced] [ant: unlaced]
5 of the score in a contest; "the score is tied" [syn: tied(p), even, level(p)]

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  1. Connected.
    As a couple, they are strongly tied to one another.
  2. Connected or attached by means of a knot in a rope, cord, string, or the like.
    The flag was tied to the pole.
  3. In the context of "literally|or|figuratively": Bound or restrained by one or more ropes, cords, strings, or the like.
    The gift was tied with red ribbons.
    When my credit cards were cancelled, I was fit to be tied.
    Sorry, I cannot help you; my hands are tied.


bound or restrained by ropes, cords, strings, or the like
  • Hebrew: קשור


  1. past of tie


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

affiliate, affiliated, aground, alike, allied, anchored, assembled, associate, associated, at par, au pair, banded together, beholden, beholden to, bound, bounden, bounden to, bracketed, caught, chained, collateral, collected, commensurate, committed, conjoined, conjugate, connected, copulate, correlated, coupled, drawn, duty-bound, equal, equalized, even, even stephen, fast, fastened, fettered, fifty-fifty, fixed, gathered, grounded, half-and-half, hampered, hand-in-glove, hand-in-hand, handcuffed, held, high and dry, impacted, implicated, in bonds, in chains, in duty bound, in irons, incorporated, indebted to, inextricable, integrated, interlinked, interlocked, interrelated, intimate, involved, ironbound, jammed, joined, knotted, leagued, level, like, linked, manacled, matched, mated, merged, moored, nip and tuck, obligate, obligated, obliged, obliged to, of that ilk, of that kind, on a footing, on a level, on a par, on even ground, packed, paired, par, parallel, pledged, proportionate, quits, related, saddled, shackled, spliced, square, stalemated, stranded, strapped, stuck, stuck fast, tethered, tied down, tied up, trammeled, transfixed, twinned, under obligation, undivided, united, unseparated, wed, wedded, wedged, yoked
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